Cruizer & Company brand pulls its inspiration from the creative energy that flows from the very place it was birthed, the Los Angeles/West Coast street scene. Deriving its perspective by throwing back to the 80’s and 90’s cruising, punk, hip-hop, funk, disco, graffiti and skateboarding origins, the diverse style remains true to the essence of the streets. Cruizer & Co. represents the evolution of Street Wear fashion born out of the subculture of L.A., moving beyond the boundaries of the street and free-running to scale the walls of the world!

Lucky Alvarez is no stranger to the Art and Underground Street scene of Los Angeles. For over 20 years he has been involved in the creative aspect of what drives the city. In “91” and “92” Lucky threw two hugely successful rave parties, “Jack and Jill” and “Bent92.” It was while promoting and working the underground warehouse parties that he began to take notice of the labels kids were wearing. All around him he saw Ravers wearing Fresh Jive, Anarchic Adjustment, and Clobber to name a few. At that time, he felt inspired to create his own brands and did so, calling them Ziphe and 187 Hudda. Before long the brands proved successful, and Lucky was soon selling his own labels at the Raves he organized. While in the process of looking over his design samples at his screen printer’s shop, Lucky met Mister Cartoon, who later introduced him to Estevan Oriol and Steve Luciano from Joker Brand. Those meetings would prove beneficial to Lucky in the future.

Fresh from the success of Ziphe and 187 Hudda, Lucky branched out and created Twentyfive. Once again, he found himself successful in an increasingly competitive clothing game. Later, he accepted an offer to sell Twentyfive and stayed on as its head designer. In 1995 Lucky left Twentyfive and joined Q Ambient; however, the unexpected closure of Q Ambient caused his life to take a different direction. Lucky linked up with the Soul Assassins crew and came on board as head designer for Joker. Shortly thereafter, the formation of SA Studios afforded the opportunity for him to utilize his creative energies as part of the design team. Over time he has continued to work with SA Studios on projects including, but not limited to, Nike, Diesel, Vans OTW, Pepsi, Rockstar Games, Metro PCS and the LA Kings.

Following the same creative instincts that have driven him in the past, coupled with his passion, dedication, and talent, Lucky introduces you to his latest brand, Cruizer & Co. Staying true to the contemporary street scene without compromise, Cruizer & Co. now extends itself from the streets to the world.